Barcemola! "Berga"

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Men espadrille inspired by an outstanding party full of fire and light called 'Fiesta de La Patum', celebrated in Berga. UNESCO declared it as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2007.

  • Limited production handmade espadrille for men created in our workshop.

  • Made with polyester and cotton. The canvas shows real pictures of the celebration. The black and orange colors represent fireworks seen during the night.

  • Insoles made with natural jute, which adapts to your fit.  Great for summer.

  • The soles are flat and made with natural jute and vulcanized rubber.

  • Looks stylish, comfortable with this vegan espadrilles. 

Handmade Espadrille Bag for Men Berga | La Manual Alpargatera

    What is my shoe size?

    Here you can find a size chart for better guidance. All of our espadrilles shoes are in European (EU) size. We created a small chart to help all of you to get the perfect size! 

    If you are not sure about your size, you can measure your feet from the longest toe till the heel. Contact us, so we can recommend the size according to the type of espadrille, taking into account whether or not it has an insole, and other aspects that may vary the recommended size in each case.


    Women Espadrille Size Chart










    22.5 4 2 35 4 21
    23 5 3 36 5 22
    23.5 6 4 37 6 23
    24 7 5 38 7 24
    25 8 6 39 8 25
    25.5 9 7 40 9 26
    26.5 10 8 41 10 27
    27 11 9 42 11 28




    Men Espadrille Size Chart








    25 7 6 39 6 24.5
    25.5 8 7 40.5 7 25.5
    26 8.5 7.5 41 7.5 26
    27 9 8 42 8 26.5
    28 10 9 43 9 27.5
    29 10.5 9.5 44 9.5 28
    29.5 11.5 10.5 45 10.5 29
    30 12 11 46 11 29.5




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    We know that the "Packagin" in a product is very important, but in La Manual Alpargatera we have asked ourselves... in the end, what does this "Packagin" become? And we realized that it becomes garbage, maybe you can use it to store your espadrilles? We have found a way to replace it. For this, we send you our handicraft piece in a cotton bag, and thus we help, and you help us take care of our planet!

    Our espadrilles are really made by hand, we do not keep a large stock, when your order arrives we usually manufacture it especially for you.

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    Barcemola! "Berga" - La Manual Alpargatera
    Barcemola! "Berga" - La Manual Alpargatera
    Barcemola! "Berga" - La Manual Alpargatera
    Barcemola! "Berga" - La Manual Alpargatera
    Barcemola! "Berga" - La Manual Alpargatera
    Barcemola! "Berga" - La Manual Alpargatera
    Barcemola! "Berga" - La Manual Alpargatera
    Barcemola! "Berga" - La Manual Alpargatera
    Barcemola! "Berga" - La Manual Alpargatera
    Barcemola! "Berga" - La Manual Alpargatera
    Barcemola! "Berga" - La Manual Alpargatera
    Barcemola! "Berga" - La Manual Alpargatera
    Barcemola! "Berga" - La Manual Alpargatera
    Barcemola! "Berga" - La Manual Alpargatera