How to Tie Espadrilles?

You can tie espadrilles in many ways, and use the same technique in all of them regardless they are wedges, sandals, or flats.

Once you master this technique, you can naturally tie them in any other way quickly. The trick is to make sure you get the first three steps right.



Always make sure that the laces length is equal on both sides before tiying any espadrille.

Here are the steps to tie espadrilles: 

  1.  Take the left ribbon of the espadrille and insert it under the front right side ribbon supporting the espadrille. The ribbon should be added from the inner to the outer side of the foot.

  2.  Take the right ribbon and insert it beneath the left front side ribbon. Follow Step 1 method.

  3.  Pull both ribbons up at the front, and cross them to their contrary side.

  4. Take each lace to the back of your leg by each side.

  5. Cross them again to their contrary side and take them forward.

  6.  You can make a bow at the front. Or you can cross them to the back once again for a bow at the ankle.

Here you can learn how to tie the traditional espadrille sandal 'Pinxo.' The 'Valenciana' espadrille is similar to tie. The size of the 'V' form will depend on your preference. Don't tie the espadrille to tight if you want a prominent V at the front part of the espadrille. Here you can learn how to tie the traditional a Valenciana Espadrille.